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Premium Ensuite Bedroom with Gallery in Gracia
Calle Providencia
Premium Ensuite Bedroom with Gallery in Gracia Premium Ensuite Bedroom with Gallery in Gracia

Premium Ensuite Bedroom with Gallery in Gracia

Amazing purpose built Coliving apartment in the heart of Gràcia. Two bedrooms all with private bathroom, living area with TV and desk. Only share the kitchen and washing machine.

Node Parc Güell

Want to live near the city’s best sights? Our Parc Güell Community is where it’s at… Located in a more relaxed and quiet side of Gràcia, this neighborhood will make you feel like you are in the authentic Barcelona with its beautiful streets and festivities. You’re steps away from restaurants, parks, boutiques, museums, and the city’s finest architecture. It’s a highly unique fusion of commercial, residential, culture, and history all in one. You will be very near the amazing Park Güell built by Gaudí, one of Barcelona’s most emblematic locations. You’ll enjoy every moment of it.


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Flexible leases


Weekly cleaning


Fully Furnished


High-speed Wi-Fi




Community Events

Premium Ensuite Bedroom with Gallery in Gracia

Node curators cultivate true community and connection

Every Node resident has its own dedicated community curator. These folks have the local lowdown, and their finger on the pulse of the community. They’ll facilitate your move, introduce you to the other amazing residents, show you around the neighborhood, plan events for the community, and make sure you feel at home.


We will be here every step of the way Premium Ensuite Bedroom with Gallery in Gracia Premium Ensuite Bedroom with Gallery in Gracia

As a member, your rent includes community events, perks, on-demand maintenance through scanning the personalized QR code in the property, keyless entry at some of our buildings, Smart TVs, cleaning service and more. Our Coliving members also have utilities included, WiFi, household essentials like cookware and cleaning supplies, a private furnished bedroom, and a beautifully furnished flat.

Node offers a wide range of units for a variety of needs and budgets, from coliving suites to microunits, private studios and 1, 2, 3 and 4-bedroom apartments. Whatever you choose, you’ll find convenience, value, comfort, and community.

No, there’s no extra fees. Just the monthly rent and 1 month deposit. Yes, it can be that simple

Our regular business hours are Mondays-Thursdays from 9:00 to 18:00 and Fridays until 13:30.

Customer Service Contact:

The document you need is a minimal rental contract of 6 months signed in person by both parties (you & the Node representative).

The application process is easy and can all be done online if needed, or in person if you’re local already.
Once you’ve picked the home you like, chat with our home specialist to schedule a virtual or in-person visit.
After the visit, we just ask you to provide us with some simple paperwork so we can prepare the rental contract. If all checks out you sign your lease at our office and you can start packing your bags to move in – simple as that!

No, due to the processing of documents and the rental contract, we do not have the capacity to complete the entire process in less than 72 hours.

The entire arrival process will be explained to you once you have processed your reservation.

Yes, this is possible and has an extra cost of 50 euros. It also depends on our staff availability.

Respect each other living in the apartment
Damage by negligence will be paid by the tenant(s)
Products end of their lifetime with normal use will be replaced by us
Respect all members living in the Community
Change and throw away the garbage immediately when full
Cleaning the kitchen and bathroom after using
Every tenant has a private shelf in the fridge and a drawer in the kitchen area
Smoking allowed only at the balcony/outside area
Parties are not allowed
Turn off electrical appliances after using

We have Full Service apartments for couples.

Coliving bedrooms are for 1 person only.

While we love animals, we only allow pets at Full Service Apartments. In our Coliving suites, pets may be allowed as an accommodation for tenants with a qualified disability.

Notify us of the cancelation of the rental contract by email ( with a minimum of 30 days in advance before the departure date. Once notified, we will send you internally the procedure to follow.

Our community members come from all walks of life, but generally are a very international and diverse group of workers, expats, digital nomads, (master) students and young professionals between 21-35.

We are doing an extensive screening before onboarding new colivers. This includes a background- and personality check in which we ask for the reason(s) of staying in the city where the room is based; normally being work and/or study. With the information gathered, we are doing a check with the current people living in the apartment to see if there could be a match. Sometimes also an introduction call between new and current colivers is taking place.

This totally depends on the characteristics of the apartment. We have a big range: from 3 to 6 bedrooms in a Coliving flat.
Have a look at our available portfolio to see the latest availability.

We facilitate events in which current tenants and/or professionals are organizing events such as yoga sessions, cooking classes, community dinners, after work casual drinks, amongst many others, and invite our whole community to join. In this way, you can get to know new people while having a good time.

Rent payments are completely automated so you don’t have to lose time on planning your manual rental payment transaction every month. After the first month’s manual payment, the rent will be automatically subtracted from your bank account after signing a direct debit document.
We’re happy to listen to your personal situation if you come from outside the EU or have difficulties with payments or opening a bank account in Spain.

Payments will be charged between the 1st and the 5th day of each month. Make sure your bank account has sufficient funds for the payment by the beginning of the month, because, if not, late fees apply.

Everything is taken care of for you automatically, no need to set up anything or worry about payments. We do have a top-up that depends on the flat’s characteristics that is always mentioned during the booking procedure. If you surpass this amount, the difference has to be paid by the member(s).

Yes, a 1-month deposit is obligatory.


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