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Building the future of living

As a pioneering coliving brand, we offer unparalleled expertise, a proven track record, and a shared vision of transforming urban living. By collaborating with us, you gain access to our deep understanding of the coliving market, extensive network, and a seamless partnership experience.

Partnering with Real Estate leaders

Through our strong partnerships with real estate visionaries, we maximize property utilization and enhance the value of your portfolio. Together, let’s shape the future of urban living, creating transformative shared living experiences. Partner with us today and unleash the potential of collaborative success.

Why partner with us

Seamless expertise

Benefit from our proven track record and deep understanding of the coliving market, ensuring a smooth and successful partnership journey.

Expanded network

Gain access to our extensive network of residents, investors, and industry professionals.

Pioneering innovation

Collaborate with our innovative coliving brand to stay ahead of the curve, driving innovation and shaping the future of shared living experiences.

What we do


Globally curated design uniquely shaped to fit its neighborhood, informed by data driven analytics


Co-sponsor, GP and LP capabilities that create true alignment of interest. Assist/lead on bank discussions, RFP, and securing debt


Co-Developer, design manager, end to end development manager from entitlements to project management

Property management

Ensure NOI and KPI targets are met and asset performs to its highest standards. Manage capital structure and reporting

Asset management

End-to-end property management solution with on site Node team and global HQ support creating a curated living experience


Procure institutional take-out options upon stabilization

Hear it from the other partners

“Partnering with Node has been effortless, as their dedication to exceptional amenities mirrors our commitment to top-quality products."
Name, CEO at *company*
“Living here has been a joy with top-notch amenities and fantastic friends just steps away.”
"Living here feels like being part of a big, supportive family. I've made lifelong friends and the community events are just amazing!"
JADE, Dublin
"Node is the perfect place for me and my dogs. The amenities and community here are a perfect fit for all of us."
"Living here is more than just sharing space; it's about sharing experiences, making lasting connections, and feeling truly at home."

Partner with Node to redefine urban apartment living!