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Node Design

Crafting inspiring spaces

Our Design Studio redefines co-living through innovative design. From stylish communal spaces to thoughtfully curated private rooms, we blend functionality and aesthetics to create spaces that inspire connection and comfort. With a focus on sustainability and attention to detail, our Design Studio shapes the future of co-living, offering residents a truly exceptional living experience.

Our Design Principles


Prioritizing practicality and optimizing space utilization to ensure efficiency

Comfort and well-being

Thoughtfully designing spaces with optimal lighting, acoustics, ventilation, and ergonomic considerationsm


Integrating sustainable design practices and eco-friendly materials to reduce environmental impact

Flexibility and adaptability

Designing adaptable living spaces, that cater residents’ needs to encourage customization

Aesthetic appeal

Creating appealing spaces, fostering an environment where residents feel truly at home


Incorporating modular furniture and convertible areas to optimize space utilization

Our team

Our team of talented architects brings expertise, creativity, and a passion for design to every project

David Drews

Design Director

David Drews

Design Director

David Drews

Design Director

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