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Rent apartments in Madrid

Explore furnished flats in Madrid for mid-to-long-term stays with Node Living. Begin your journey in this dynamic city today!

Location of our flats for rent in Madrid

Discover our selection of mid-term all-inclusive rental flats in Madrid. Ideal for flexible lifestyles, easily find your perfect location and home in the heart of Spain.

Different types for different people

Our range of apartments is designed to meet diverse needs, offering everything from furnished options for mid-term stays to perfect spaces for students and digital nomads. Discover your perfect match with us.

Apartments for students
Apartments for Digital Nomads
Mid-term Rental Apartments

Why rent an apartment with Node Living?

Opt for Node Living for an effortless rental experience in Madrid. Our Madrid flats feature contemporary amenities, chic furnishings, and adaptable lease terms. Node Living provides the ease of a fully-equipped space, tailored for mid-to-long-term stays in Madrid’s bustling heart. 

Enjoy a stress-free lifestyle with exceptional customer service and a community-centric atmosphere. Choose us in Madrid for unparalleled comfort and quality, surrounded by the city’s captivating allure.

What makes Madrid different?

Madrid shines with sun-kissed streets, an exceptional dining scene, and expansive city parks. Our coliving units, studios, and furnished apartments in Madrid provide the ideal backdrop for crafting your own adventure. Explore vibrant neighborhoods, indulge in churros, or embark on scenic countryside hikes. Witness breathtaking sunsets from chic rooftop bars with lively DJ sets, or share laughter with friends at the nearby comedy club.

The Node Community in Madrid thrives with diverse individuals from various backgrounds. Join us by applying for one of our apartments and experience the Node community firsthand.

Our Residents in Madrid speak about us

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"My node experience has been nothing short of a true friendship. I was one of the first Nodies to join the Madrid community when it opened Winter 2022 and it was like a small family growing day by day"
“I quit my job after 5 years of working in London, found a new remote job and moved to Barcelona! I came across Node Barcelona and it was the perfect fit for me and I highly recommended it for expats. The furnished apartment and coworking space made my life easier.”
“I value freedom and real connections which I have found both while living with Node. The flexibility to work in the office and in the coworking space and the connections through the monthly events have elevated my living experience completely”
"Moving from your home country of 25 years is by no means an easy task. Node offered a home away from home in a foreign country and an amazing community to along with it"

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Take a look at what our members have to say about us