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Unleash Your Talent, Shape the Community.

What's the Creators Residency?

We’re on the lookout for 50 extraordinary profiles to shape the future of community living at Node! This is your chance to be a pioneer in one of the most groundbreaking flex living communities ever created.

The Creators Residency, launching in Madrid 2024, offers 50 Node residents the chance to become official community leaders, hosting events in their domain of expertise.

Picture this: You become a community leader, not just a resident. By sharing your passion, you’ll develop your personal brand, increase your visibility, and even attract new clients. It’s not just a living space; it’s an inspiring environment where you’re surrounded by individuals making waves in their respective fields.

In exchange, Creators gain access to 2500+ individuals across both Node Hubs, networking opportunities, brand exposure, and discount on stay.

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the Creators Residency

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Residency Benefits

  • Endless Networking: Host events where you’re the expert, increase your visibility and tap into the Node community for new clients. 
  • Brand Building: We’ll feature you on PR, social media, and other communication channels, giving you unparalleled exposure. 
  • Savings For Your Wallet: Get paid the equivalent of €250 per month off your stay for hosting one activity per week. 
  • Hub Haven Access: Gain exclusive access with a monthly hourly package to reserve common areas within the Hub. 
  • Creators Dinner: Be part of the inspiring creators community, celebrate together once a month at a Creators Dinner sponsored by Node. 
  • Spoiler Alert: Early access to events, discounts in partner businesses, be able to test new Node initiatives before even being launched. 

Creators Responsibilities

As a Creator, you are a Node resident who is the face, inspiration and activation force of the community. Moreover, you play a vital role as a community leader by fostering a positive and engaging environment within the Node residents.

Your main responsibility is to share your talent and expertise with others: Creators need to host between 2 monthly events of their expertise for the Node Community.

Creators are also active on promoting their events on social media and share content with Node.

The program has a duration of between 9 and 12 months, so the stay of the Creators in our Hubs has to be a minimum of 9 months.

Choose Your Node Hub

Explore which urban oasis fits you best

Node Hub Alcobendas

Node Hub Alcobendas (Program Start Date: Sep 2024)

The living hub for professionals and high-achievers. A space optimized for well-being, work and connection. Imagine weekly masterminds, sports classes, talks and of course, legendary parties. Imagine living with incredible talent who improve themselves every day. 

Studios starting at 750€/month for our Node Creator program participants.

Node Hub Carabanchel

Node Hub Carabanchel (Program Start Date: Feb 2025)

A destination for students and young professionals to explore life to its fullest. Imagine daily events from yoga to cooking, arts, photography, sports and fashion. Imagine your own micro-studio with huge common areas. Imagine daily opportunities for gym and padel.

Studios starting at 500€/month for our Node Creator program participants.

Unlock an all-inclusive lifestyle

Stay in the most stimulating community Madrid has ever encountered.

Get paid to be you.

This is more than a program; it’s an opportunity to build yourself up professionally, connect with a dynamic network, and make a mark in the Node Living community.

Node Creators have a 250€ discount on their rent in exchange of hosting 2 monthly events of their expertise.

The Creators Residency supports artists, coaches, athletes, entrepreneurs, experts, and any type of skilled individuals.

Only 50 spots available for the Creators Residency across both Alcobendas and Carabanchel Hubs.

Be a Trailblazer, Be a Node Creator.

Discover more about
the Creators Residency

Curious but not ready to commit? Express your interest, and we’ll keep you in the loop on this exciting opportunity!