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Creators Program: Empowering Madrid-based talent to strive in modern communities

Node, one of Europe’s leading coliving companies, is launching a new program supporting emerging talent and existing thought leaders in Madrid.

In 2024, Node is going to open two new assets in Madrid hubs, with a total capacity of more than 1800 residents. Offering all-inclusive living, Node Hub residents will be able to benefit from the large amount of shared spaces – whether gym, coworking, rooftop, BBQ area, swimming pool, padel court, event space and more – as well as the ongoing community activities.

On a mission to create the most vibrant modern urban communities, Node is launching the Creator Residency, allowing residents with talent to host events in exchange for heavily discounted stay.

Esteve Almirall, Partner at Node, comments:

“We want the Node community to be led by the most brilliant and engaged individuals. There are so many young talents, experts, teachers, athletes and business leaders who genuinely have value to share with others. With the Creator Residency, we want these individuals to be financially empowered to do what they love while staying in the most stimulating environment.”

How the program works is simple: Node Creator applicants will be granted different benefits, including discounted stay at the Node Hubs in exchange for hosting one event of their choice per week. This allows to financially support talent while building a community with incredible humans.

The Creators Residency has been developed in partnership with Gui Perdrix, author of the Art of Coliving and president at Co-Liv. His year-long expertise in the coliving scene was able to influence the program and create a unique approach:

“The best coliving spaces are those that empower their communities. We want to create a community that is bottom-up and member-led while also attracting the best talent. The Creators Residency is the opportunity for anyone to immerse themselves in an urban oasis while getting paid for being you.”

The first Creators will be able to move into Node Alcobendas in September 2024 and take a huge part in shaping the future of his urban community.

Applications for Node Creators residents are now open at

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